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When it comes to hands on ability and knowledge about restorations, unfortunately I'm personally about as much use as a cat flap in an elephant house.  Making the job of finding someone that I trusted to do the work on my restoration critical.
I was very lucky to be put in touch with "Beach" and it became very clear, very quickly that I could trust him to not only do a good job, but also to do the right job in the restoration of my VG Valiant coupe.
To say I am delighted with the result is an understatement, it puts a smile on my face every time I drive it.  But I also have complete confidence that it will do so for many, many years to come due to the quality of the work.
If you are looking to renovate or repair a car, I would unhesitatingly recommend "Beach" as the man for the job.
Andrew Black Managing Director Oddfellows Advertising

Pro-Street did a great job of the restoration and repairs to my 66 Riviera.  I couldn't have been happier with the quality of work, attitide and communication. I would use them again and recommend their services.
Tony G - 66 Buick Riviera

It was out of pure luck that I had stumbled across Beach at Prostreet Restorations about 10 years ago and since he had performed the first round of works to my '71 HQ Monaro, it has never been to anyone else since. It started life as a clean looking black HQ coupe but has now evolved into a truly one of a kind car. An incredibly knowledgeable bloke, terrific artist and is a master when it comes to fabricating anything out of steel. Thanks again for all the hard work! 
Kris R / IT Consultant '71 HQ Monaro (black w/white stripes)

I was incredibly apprehensive about who was going to restore my XB Falcon coupe as I had heard so many horror stories about botched/lost/nasty jobs. I needed a ground up drive in drive out resto and thankfully Pro Street Restorations were happy to take on the mammoth task. I'm glad I did. I found Beach to be more of a perfectionist than I ever was, and is determined to get things right the first time. His knowledge and experience of what works in other cars is worked into mine so as to prevent any future problems arising. Sheet metal fabrication, welds etc are done properly better than factory. He emails plenty of digital photo's of his work and is happy for me to pop round whenever I want. My XB Falcon coupe is nearing completion and if current work is anything to go by, then I can't imagine how good the final result will be!
Wazza. NSW. Orthopaedic Case Manager - XB Falcon Coupe In Progress

I found Beach through a magazine article on a car he'd fabricated; Mitch Reinder's  Street Machine of The Year nominated wagon. I was impressed by the vehicle and the positive comments from the owner. As Pro Street Restorations was local to me I headed straight down. From the first interaction Beach proved to be extremely knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating. No job was too big or too small and every request was met with an honest and accurate answer. Such was my confidence in him and the quality and variety of work I saw at his shop that I grew my plans from a simple rust repair to a full bare metal rebuild.

I was kept up to date at each stage of the progress via photos and information and could not be happier with the result. His workmanship is first class and his attitude is second to none. I was welcomed as a person, not just a customer and this relationship is a strong element of what sets Beach apart.

If you're looking for top quality workmanship and a straight up, honest approach, look no further than Pro Street Restorations and the man himself, Beach. He is now my builder of choice and I happily recommend him to anyone.
Peter Kelly, "Ducky". HQ Sedan, EFN 202. In Progress

As the provider of what we believe is Sydney's finest funeral coach, when it was time to restore our 1937 Cadillac LaSalle hearse it had to be executed to the highest standard and be able to stand up to close scrutiny for a long time. That was ten years ago and the Cadillac turns heads as easily now as ever, receiving praise at funerals and sometimes trophies when it attends a car event. It is sought out by funeral directors for display days as they know it presents an image of quality and style.

After the panels had been stripped, the state of the original metal work was made evident and it wasn't good. Greg Ball from ProStreet Restorations was prepared to take on the not-insignificant task, on the condition that he would be able to do the job properly and not be rushed or asked to cut corners. This approach was in line with our own philosphy for the rebuild and thus work was commenced. Having the hearse rebuilt properly, the first time, with the right materials has, I believe, saved us money in the long run when it is considered that it looks as good now as it did then, plus we can offer the car for service with confidence knowing that it will meet the expectations of customers.

I'd highly recommend ProStreet Restorations to anyone who is interested in quality workmanship that will stand up over time.
Stuart Rowe, Classic Funeral Coaches - New South Wales


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